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October 23, 2020Starting a podcast: all the things I didn't do.

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Nicole Tvrdik
Starting a podcast: all the things I didn't do. image

Let me start off by saying that I never in a million years thought that I would be co-hosting a podcast. I've never really been a podcast listener. So when Chas came to me with this idea, I was very nervous & didn't really know what to expect. I know I'm funny & I have great stories, so I knew I would shine in that department. But as far as everything else it takes to start a podcast, I was clueless. So I've kind of sat back & let Chas take the reigns, & let me tell you guys... This man has exceeded my expectations.

The first step was creating the studio where the podcast recording would take place. Chas built the table by hand (yum. & Don't you worry, guys. I took LOTS of pics of him hard at work) & went & bought the comfy chairs that we spend a lot of time sitting in. I wanted a mermaid chair & he got me a mermaid chair. If that's not love, I don't know what is. Then he had to hang foam stuff (I say foam stuff because let's be real guys... Idk what it's actually called) on the walls to try & block out sounds from the rest of the house. He hung a tv (again... Yum) so that he could connect his computer to it so we could see things on a bigger screen. He created a little bar area & put in a mini fridge so that we could liquor up our guests (take the edge off) & he set up all the mics & headphones & blah blah blah. He did so much to make our podcast the best it can be & I just sat there looking pretty while he did it. He asked my opinion on things even though I didn't have much of one because again, I don't know anything about podcasts or the inner works of starting one.

Next step was recording the episodes. This is where I finally got to shine. So far, I think our episodes have been hilarious & I've had so much fun sharing this experience with chas, as well as our guests. But again, chas does all of the behind the scenes stuff like fixing the audio, uploading everything, editing out mistakes. He's a perfectionist & that is honestly the reason why everything has worked out so well. He doesn't do things half assed & I love him for that.

Another big part is social media advertising. This is something I actually get to participate in! Posting funny memes pertaining to our message & letting everyone know when we have new episodes, posting teasers, trying to entice people to follow our social media pages. It's a lot of work, but someone has to do it. Now we are about to introduce tiktok into the mix & I am STRESSING. Just another app I had to add to my phone & figure out how to navigate... But I guess I can throw myself into being a kickass social media director since chas does EVERYTHING else.

Anyways, this is my journey. I've made very little effort but reap all of the rewards. It's kind of great. I guess that's what happens when you are born with a gift. You are part of things for your talent but don't have to actually do much work... I'm kidding guys. Big shout-out to chas for everything he does to make this podcast possible. I'll be sure to give him a pat on the back later.