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February 17, 2021New Studio who dis?

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Chas Vales
New Studio who dis? image

2020 was the birth of this podcast and since we started it we've been constantly improving. That includes the look and feel of our studio. 2020 was a busy year full of new experiences for the podcast. In 2021 we took everything we learned (I learned) about sound and video editing and applied that with maximum effort to our 2021 podcast. With that it was only natural to renovate the podcast studio with new lighting, new cameras for live editing (and maybe streaming) new microphone setup and of course a new table to match our rebrand.

I really hope this makes a positive impact on the podcast because although it was a great learning experience it was a difficult and expensive one. With the new studio setup I cut down editing time for video and audio from 3 days (about 4-5 hours a day) to one 2 hour block and for that reason alone it was all worth it. With our new setup not only is the podcast post production more efficient, it can also handle remote guest and live streaming, two things we hope to be doing in the very near future.