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November 2, 2020More stuff that I didn't do.

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Nicole Tvrdik
More stuff that I didn't do. image

We have been working on some exciting stuff for this podcast!! (Well, mostly Chas.) We added a new segment called "trauma tales" where we have people email us stories that we will read on our podcast! This has been really fun so far because Chas & I read it but also pause throughout the stories to tell our own, or to just have a good laugh about other people's trauma. This is a great alternative if you can't physically be on the podcast or want your stories told anonymously!

Next, we have started filming our episodes!!! So, no more PJs for me! (You'll understand how happy this makes Chas if you listened to episode 8: Not wife material.) I can't get into all the technical stuff because let's be real, Chas has done all of it. He has bought the cameras & lights & figured out how & where to set everything up. He has learned how to sync the video & audio up. He's just a genius & knows it all. So, round of applause to my man! Again, I am the talent. So, I just show up & sit where he tells me to sit & start working my magic.

Anyway guys... The trauma bond podcast will be coming to YouTube soon & you'll be able to see our pretty faces! You're welcome. It's going to be a real treat!