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November 3, 2020Capturing the video podcast audience.

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Chas Vales
Capturing the video podcast audience. image

On this journey that is starting a podcast I’m met with more and more challenges everyday as we continue to try and grow this thing. When I first decided to go down the road I knew it wasn’t going to be easy since I don’t have any prior experience with broadcasting/hosting and neither did Nicole. I did think since I have a pretty strong technical background that it would give me some leverage in other areas and make up for my lack of communication experience. I was wrong, both have been extremely challenging.

I’ve been a podcast listener for about 3 years, and I think that has helped a lot during this process. Nicole had never listened to any podcast prior to us starting one and now she’s up to about 3 including ours. In the last year however, I have been watching podcast on YouTube in place of streaming on Spotify. Going into starting my own podcast I knew this would be a necessary step in order to catch the full audience potential. This of course has come with its own set of challenges.

First, I figured since it was 2020 and my iPhone could shoot pretty high quality video that the cost of standard video cameras had gone down since people were carrying around a comparable device. So, I went on to Amazon as I always do, found a camera for $265 that had a lot of good reviews. Well, what I should have done was spent more time looking at the 1 star reviews because the quality on this camera was complete shit. The only saving grace was I did spend a decent amount to get good lighting and that helped the quality of the video but not by a lot. Yet another lesson of Chas being cheap and it biting me in the ass immediately.

After spending some time trying to polish the turd that was this supposedly 4K camera, I did some research and talked to some friends and decided to purchase a GoPro. I’ve seen plenty of footage shot on a GoPro and it looked great aside from the wide angle flare. The other thing to note is that I knew going into this I was going to need 2 cameras so I returned the “4K camera” to Amazon and purchased 2 GoPro Hero 7’s for $199 and so far I’m happy with how this is turning out.

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