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October 21, 2020Candle making for dummies: we do it all for our guests

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Nicole Tvrdik
Candle making for dummies: we do it all for our guests image

Chas & I wanted to make gift bags to give to our guests as a way to say "thank you" for being a part of our show. One of the gifts is a candle. We wanted black tins with our logo on the lids. So we decided to make these ourselves. Little did we know that making candles isn't as easy as it seems. We made 20 candles. We figured it would take an hour or 2, but no. We had to melt the wax, wait for it to cool a little, pour it into the tins, place the wick, & add the scents.

We thought we were SO SMART by dipping the base of the wicks in wax & sticking them in the center of each tin & letting the wax set... (Also, guys, this process took forever) Only to realize that when we poured the hot wax to make the candle into the tin, it turned the solid wax back into a liquid. So all the wicks fell over. It was a lack of common sense on our part. No wonder the candle making kit came with wick holders... (Only 3 though. So we could only make 3 at a time & each candle took about 20 minutes to harden enough for us to take the wick holders off) Then, after the 2 day long process of finishing these candles, we realized that they BARELY held the scents. So that was a real bummer too.

Moral of the story... Making candles is kind of tough. I don't recommend it. But if you're a guest on our podcast & receive one, just know that we put a lot of heart into making it... & That should count for something. So just be thankful & you're welcome.