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Chas and NicoleAbout The Podcast

Our podcast isn't what you would expect by the name. What we do is talk about past experiences that just flat out were unhealthy and try to create a bond by finding some silver lining of humor in talking about said experiences. Now, is this the best or most healthy way to deal with that? Probably not. Do we need therapy? I don't think anyone would argue otherwise; but this works for us and seems to work for others as well.

We started this podcast as just something fun and interesting for us to do. We both came from pretty toxic relationships before we found each other and share a dark sense of humor so this was pretty on brand for us. As it turns out we're not the only broken ones out there. We love hearing about the crazy things people have been through in their lives, not just relationship related.

We spend a good bit of podcasts talking about our relationship and the issues we come across that are really just baggage from previous relationships and like to share those experiences with our audience. Seems like people love to hear about all the fucked-up shit in someone's life and if nothing else, that's what this podcast is all about.

So, join us in our journey of collective unhealthy coping as we exploit all of our friends and laugh at them.

Not ready to make a commitment?

We know that asking you to listen to upwards of 90 minutes of people you don't know talking is asking a bit, you're not even sure if it'll be something you like (it will be). With that in mind, we've made a teaser that will give you a nice easy introduction to our podcast and it's not as big of a commitment, only 22 minutes.

Listen to the teaser

Like memes?

That was rhetorical, everyone likes memes. Our dark yet entertaining humor really comes through in our love for memes, follow us on Instagram @thetraumabondpodcast where we post promos for the podcast but more than anything we post some pretty dope memes.